"When my writing was still a kid, it was very red and very black; stories of massacres in past eras. For long, it believed that our current time and society were too sterile to be inspiring. It thought that everything had been said, thought, repeated, rethought.

Spotted by Jean d'Ormesson and praised by Michel Bouquet, it clung to the notes of the words, cut into syllables. Scratching or caressing turmoil, it loved to trace the bends, kneading exciting shapes at will, but:"What for? Creation is history revisited, “ it concluded.

And then, they arrived. - Who? - The characters. Let me introduce...

"So far, we are around fifty who passed through his hands and those of nearly a dozen directors. He anoints us with humor and hovering depth. That is the colour of the author. We are of all kinds: introverts, extras, a mayor, an old man, a minister, a comedian, motorists, patients, idiots, a priest, passionate women - liberated, ambitious, maniac, fickle or frustrated -, or passionate men - caring, outdated, macho, somber...

Amongst us there is nevertheless one who returns regularly: Alexandre, a literary alter-ego. Our author has often been criticized for not talking enough about himself. Then Alexander took things in hand.

That's how we found out that Benjamin Oppert was one of those who turned 20 in the year 2000. Author of theatre and songs - that we knew. Thanks to us, the romantic comedy "The Temptations" was played a hundred times.

He has tackled other characters by contributing essays to collective books about Marilyn Monroe, Diderot, George Sand, Shakespeare and Cervantes.

Script-doctor of scenarios and member of juries, he took us with him to writing residencies in France and Belgium (one must first be a cocoon before becoming a

butterfly). We encourage him to continue his journey as a vegetarian in the country of cannibals.

Alexander, meanwhile, does not always have the same personality and the same feelings. Sometimes, the most skittish emerge. Sometimes not. Often he lightes up, he is friendly, even endearing. He grows with the author. Many spectators identify with this character, that has been embodied by a dozen actors, in moments were intimacy is shared."